August 29, 2017 Meeting Notes


The Future Home Committee met on August 29, 2017 with Maxwell Construction and Entheos Architects.

Mike Newton reported that the scheduled pledge payment amount is higher than projected. He also stated that we still need about $340,000 in pledges to reach our $2,500,000 goal.

Jeff from Maxwell presented some alternates to the construction project. After much discussion some were approved, some rejected and others modified or put on hold until more information is available.

Kevin from Entheos will make arrangements for a representative from Covenant, the company that will furnish the pews and chairs, to meet with the Design Committee.

During church construction, three members of the Future Home Committee and one member of the parish will work directly with the builder and attend weekly meetings with them and Entheos. They will report back to the committee on any changes.

No new meeting was scheduled.

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